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Professional Dog Training
For Owners who Care

Prodog training is conducted in one-to-one sessions.*

One-to-one sessions are ideal for dogs and owners who require specific training methods i.e. basic obedience, working trials, gun dog and specialist training for dogs for the disabled. Problem dogs are our speciality. With years of experience of the psychology of dogs, we can sort out most problems, anything from aggression to sheep worrying.

We take a very flexible approach to the training methods that we adopt, as every dog is as individual as its owner. Each dog will be trained using methods according to its temperament, response to certain stimulus and other key indicators.

Only a level of training that is comfortable for both dog and owner will be used and this could be anything from food reward and clicker training to counter-conditioning, systematic desensitisation or flooding.

Both dog and owner will be taught using only scientifically based and fully researched methods gained from a lifetime's experience of dog training.

One-to-one sessions are carried out either at your home or at a venue suitable to the type of training required.

Group training classes consist of:-

these are essential for puppies or new owners and have been specially formulated over many years to include socialisation with other dogs and people as well as incorporating the sights and sounds that all puppies/young dogs need to get used to and accept. Lots of props and stooges are used in a strictly controlled but fun way so as to cause no stress to the dogs. All owners will be taught not only how to handle their dogs but also canine first aid, the law relating to dogs and basic canine psychology.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS This class is for the owner that wants that little extra or needs help with problems

ADVANCED CLASS this is for the owner that wants to progress even further with their dogs training and incorporates such things as sendaways,redirection. Retrieving and search exercises.

Kennel Club Good Citizen assessments are held at regular intervals and guest Training Instructors may also make an appearance.

*Group classes are available in Bedfordshire
Call 07544 674867 for details.


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