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Professional Dog Training
For Owners who Care

If you are looking for professional training for your dog then you have come to the right place.

ProDog is now run by Tess Halling, a very experienced and qualified trainer, who has spent many years training under the ProDog founder Jeff Whyatt a professional dog trainer with over 45 years experience.

Looking for the right trainer for you and your dog can be time consuming and costly - not all trainers have the experience to spot problems as they arise, nor the knowledge to combat the problem easily and efficiently. Some may not be properly qualified or worse, do not have professional indemnity insurance.

Owning a dog for the first time can bring its problems, have a look at our advice for new dog owners and also consider signing up for ProDog training classes to make the most of your relationship with your new family member.

Training should be fun and interesting for both you and your dog and of course should be rewarding and show improvement. Both you and your dog should be comfortable with your trainer, otherwise neither of you will make any progress. If you are not enjoying your current dog training sessions, then take the time to make the right decision and change to ProDog.

Take a look through our site for all the information you will require to make that decision. ProDog looks after you and your dog to make your future together a happy one.


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